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Artist: Agathocles / Embalming Theatre
Title: Lost In Gadget-City
  Format: Record
Type: LP
Record Size: 12"
Record Speed:
Number in Set: 1
Label & Cat.no.:
Power It Up – PIU # 232
Country of release: Germany
Release Year: 2021
Features: Import (non‑UK release)
A1 Agathocles – Where It Belongs
A2 Agathocles – Empty Frame
A3 Agathocles – Pricks At Gigs
A4 Agathocles – Logical Exodus
A5 Agathocles – Class War Necessity
A6 Agathocles – Goredom Means Boredom
A7 Agathocles – Yuppie Career Freak
A8 Agathocles – Dethrone The Tyrant
B1 Embalming Theatre – Greed And Deed, Indeed!
B2 Embalming Theatre – Toddler In Rehab
B3 Embalming Theatre – Convert The Lions To Christianity
B4 Embalming Theatre – Zombie Creeping Flesh
B5 Embalming Theatre – Coloured Balls
B6 Embalming Theatre – Squashed And Crushed
B7 Embalming Theatre – Thyrotoxicosis
B8 Embalming Theatre – Morning Star Brown
B9 Embalming Theatre – Murdered, Butchered, Eaten
B10 Embalming Theatre – Ruptured Guts
B11 Embalming Theatre – Shame And Fame

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Condition: New
Condition Notes: Sealed.
eBay listing:
Agathocles / Embalming Theatre - Lost In Gadget-City (2021,Import)
Condition: New
Price: £27.45

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