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Artist: Ace Of Base
Title: Gold
  Format: CD
Type: Compilation
Number in Set: 3
Case Type: Other
Label & Cat.no.:
Crimson – CRIMCD648
Gold (29)
Country of release: UK
Release Year: 2019
Label Code: LC 13222
Disc 1/3 Greatest Hits:
1-1 The Sign
1-2 All That She Wants
1-3 Wheel Of Fortune
1-4 Lucky Love
1-5 Beautiful Life
1-6 Happy Nation (Radio Edit)
1-7 Life Is A Flower
1-8 Don't Turn Around
1-9 Hallo Hallo
1-10 Always Have, Always Will
1-11 Cruel Summer (Big Bonus Mix)
1-12 Unspeakable
1-13 C'Est La Vie (Always 21)
1-14 Living In Danger (Single Edit)
1-15 Beautiful Morning
1-16 Da Capo
Disc 2/3 Classic Remixes:
2-1 Wheel Of Fortune (2009)
2-2 Don't Turn Around (2009)
2-3 The Sign (The Remix)
2-4 Cruel Summer (Soul Poets House Bust)
2-5 Never Gonna Say I'm Sorry (Sweetbox Funky Mix)
2-6 Life Is A Flower (Soul Poets Night Club Mix)
2-7 All That She Wants (Madness Version)
2-8 Lucky Love (Raggasol Version)
2-9 Travel To Romantis (Love To Infinity Master Mix)
2-10 C'Est La Vie (Always 21) (Remix)
2-11 Happy Nation (Moody Gold Mix)
2-12 Hallo Hallo (Dub)
2-13 Living In Danger (D-House Mix - Short Version)
2-14 Beautiful Life (Lenny B's House Of Joy Club Mix)
2-15 Megamix (Long Version)
Disc 3/3 Hidden Gems:
3-1 Would You Believe
3-2 Go Go Go
3-3 Into The Night Of Blue
3-4 Don't Stop
3-5 Make My Day
3-6 Mercy Mercy
3-7 No Good Lover
3-8 Summer Days
3-9 Giving It Up (Remake)
3-10 Come To Me
3-11 Prime Time
3-12 Look Around Me
3-13 Pole Position
3-14 Sunset In Southern California
3-15 Moment Of Magic
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