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Label: Multiply Records

Carol BaileyFeel It (CD, Single),1995,UK | CD MULTY 3

20 Fingers featuring GilletteShort Dick Man (CD, Single),1994,UK | CDMULTY 2

Junior VasquezIf Madonna Calls (CD, Single),1996,UK | CDMULTY13

Sash!Encore Une Fois (CD, Single),1997,UK | CDMULTY18

Jez & ChoopieYim (CD, Single),1998,UK | CDMULTY31

MirrorballGiven Up (CD, Single),1998,UK | CDMULTY46

BlackoutGotta Have Hope (CD, Single),1999,UK | CDMULTY47

Phats & Small present Mutant DiscoTurn Around (CD, Single),1999,UK | CDMULTY49

Mike Koglin feat. BeatriceOn My Way (CD, Single),1999,UK | CDMULTY51

The 3 JaysFeeling It Too (CD, Single),1999,UK | CDMULTY53

Phats & SmallTonite (CD, Single),1999,UK | CDMULTY57

Phats & SmallTonite (CD, Single),1999,UK | CDMULTY57

Sister BlissSister Sister (CD, Single),2000,UK | CDMULTY68

Sister BlissDeliver Me (CD, Single),2001,UK | CDMULTY72

The Cheeky GirlsCheeky Song (Touch My Bum) (CD, Single),2002,UK | CDMULTY97

20 Fingers featuring GilletteThe Short Dick Man (Remixes) (CD, Single),1995,UK | CX MULTY 7

Sash!La Primavera (CD, Single),1998,UK | CXMULTY32

Sister BlissDeliver Me (CD, Single),2001,UK | CXMULTY72

The Cheeky GirlsCheeky Song (Touch My Bum) (CD, Single),2002,UK | CXMULTY97

Weekend PlayersPursuit Of Happiness (CD, Album),2002,UK | MULTYCD11

Sash!Life Goes On (CD, Album),1998,UK | MULTYCD2

Number of releases: 21