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Label: Independiente

TravisComing Around (CD, Single),2000,UK | COM1

TravisCloser (CD, Single),2007,UK & Europe | ISOM 118MS

TravisThe Invisible Band (CD, Album),2001, | ISOM 25CD

So Solid CrewThey Don't Know (CD, Album),2001,UK & Europe | ISOM 27CD

Paul WellerIllumination (CD, Album, 2 – including 1xDVD),2002,UK | ISOM 33CDL

AaliyahI Care 4 U (CD, Comp),2002,UK | ISOM 37CD

AaliyahI Care 4 U (Other, , 2 – CD & DVD),2002,UK | ISOM 37CDL

TravisTurn (CD, Single, CD1),1999,UK | ISOM 39MS

TravisTurn (CD, Single),1999,UK | ISOM 39SMS

Travis12 Memories (CD, Album),2003,UK | ISOM 40CD, ISOM 40CDX, 5127612003

Blackout (30)Mr DJ (CD, Single),2001,UK | ISOM 48MS

Jody LeiShowdown (CD, Single, CD1),2002,UK | ISOM 66MS

Jody LeiShowdown (CD, Single, CD2),2002,UK | ISOM 66SMS

TravisThe Boy With No Name (CD, Album),2007,UK | ISOM 67CD

Martina Topley-BirdNeed One (CD, Single),2003,UK | ISOM 70MS

So Solid CrewBroken Silence (CD, Single),2003,UK | ISOM 71MS

So Solid CrewBroken Silence (Vinyl, 12", Single),2003,UK | ISOM 71T

Lisa MaffiaIn Love (CD, Single, CD1),2003,UK | ISOM 75MS

Lisa MaffiaIn Love (CD, Single, CD2),2003,UK | ISOM 75SMS

White Rose MovementAlsatian (CD, Single),2005,UK | ISOM 99 MS

TravisThe Man Who (CD, Album),1999,Europe | ISOM 9CD, 4946242000

TravisThe Man Who (CD, Album),1999,Europe | ISOM 9CDX, 4946246006

TravisComing Around (CD, Single, CD1),2000,UK | ISOM45MS

TravisComing Around (CD, Single, CD2),2000,UK | ISOM45SMS

The TearsRefugees (CD, Single),2005,UK | ISOM92MS

The TearsRefugees (CD, Single),2005,UK | ISOM92SMS

The TearsLovers (CD, Single),2005,UK | ISOM95MS

The TearsLovers (CD, Single),2005,UK | ISOM95SMS

TravisLove Will Come Through (CD, Single),2004,UK | LWCT1

The TearsRefugees (CD, Single),2005,UK | TEARS1

TravisTravis (CD, Comp),2007,UK | TRAVUP01

The TearsHere Come The Tears (CD, Album),2005,Europe | VVR1033862

TravisComing Around (CD-R, Single),2000,UK | none

Number of releases: 33

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