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Label: B-Unique Records

The Ordinary BoysBrassbound (CD, Album),2005,UK | 5046791822

The Ordinary BoysBrassbound (CD, Album, 2 – including 1xDVD),2005,UK | 50467919525

AlterkicksOn A Holiday (CD, Single),2006,UK | ALTERKICKS1

Hot Rod CircuitSorry About Tomorrow (CD, Album),2002,UK | BUN 021

Kaiser ChiefsRuby (CD, Single),2007,UK | BUN 119CD

LeavesSilence (CD, Single),2002,UK | BUN037CDS

The Bandits2Step Rock (CD, Single),2003,UK | BUN065CDS

The Bandits2Step Rock (CD, Single),2003,UK | BUN065CDX

Kaiser ChiefsI Predict A Riot (CD, Single),2004,UK | BUN088CD

Kaiser ChiefsOh My God (Popular Edition) (CD, Single),2005,UK | BUN092CD, BUN0XXCD

Kaiser ChiefsOh My God (Deluxe Model) (CD, Single),2005,UK | BUN092CDX

Kaiser ChiefsEmployment (CD, Album),2005,UK | BUN093CD

Kaiser ChiefsEveryday I Love You Less And Less (CD, Single),2005,UK | BUN094CD

Kaiser ChiefsEveryday I Love You Less And Less (CD, Single),2005,UK | BUN094CDX, 9871416

Kaiser ChiefsEveryday I Love You Less And Less (CD, Single),2005,Europe | BUN094P

Kaiser ChiefsI Predict A Riot / Sink That Ship (CD, Single),2005,UK | BUN096CD

Kaiser ChiefsModern Way (CD, Single),2005,UK | BUN100CD

The AutomaticRaoul (CD, Single),2006,UK | BUN104-PR

The AutomaticRaoul (CD, Single),2006,UK | BUN104CD

The Ordinary Boys Vs Lady SovereignNine2Five (CD, Single),2006,UK | BUN105-CD

The AutomaticMonster (CD, Single),2006,UK | BUN106-CD

The AutomaticMonster (CD, Single),2006,UK | BUN106-CDX

The AutomaticMonster (CD, Single),2006,UK | BUN106-PR

The AutomaticRecover (CD, Single),2006,UK | BUN110CD

AlterkicksOn A Holiday (CD, Single),2006,UK | BUN115CD

Babyshambles & Friends* – Janie Jones (Strummerville) (CD, Single),2006,Europe | BUN116CD

The AutomaticRaoul (CD, Single),2006,UK | BUN117-P

The AutomaticRaoul (CD, Single),2007,UK | BUN117CD

The AutomaticRaoul (CD, Single),2007,UK | BUN117CDX

AlterkicksGood Luck (CD, Single),2007,UK | BUN123CD

AlterkicksGood Luck (CD-R, Single),2007,UK | BUN123CD-P

Kaiser ChiefsEverything Is Average Nowadays (CD, Single),2007,UK | BUN125CD

The TwangEither Way (CD, Single),2007,UK | BUN126CD

Kaiser ChiefsThe Angry Mob (CD, Single),2007,UK | BUN132CD

Kaiser ChiefsOff With Their Heads (CD, Album),2008,UK | BUN144CD

Kaiser ChiefsNever Miss A Beat (CD, Single),2008,UK | BUN145CD

Kaiser ChiefsGood Days Bad Days (CD, Single),2008,UK | BUN149CD

Kaiser ChiefsSouvenir: The Singles 2004-2012 (CD, Comp),,Europe | BUN167CD

LeavesSilence (CD-R, Single),2002,UK | none

Number of releases: 39