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Label: Ultrapop

Father DJ Und Seine RaverAus Rave Housen (CD, Maxi),1995,Europe | 0096375ULT

Take DisRobbie Come Back (CD, Maxi),1995,Germany | 009719-5ULT

Just FriendsEver And Ever (CD, Maxi),1995,Germany | 0097215ULT

Stevie BWaiting For Your Love (CD, Maxi),1995,Germany | 0097385ULT

Just FriendsThe Present That I Want (CD, Maxi),1995,Germany | 0097505ULT

Just FriendsFriends (CD, Maxi),1996,Germany | 0097615ULT

Just FriendsHello There (CD, Maxi),1996,Germany | 0098455ULT

DamageForever (CD, Maxi),1996,Germany | 0098535ULT

DamageLove II Love (CD, Maxi),1997,Germany | 0098665ULT

Just FriendsOne Of Us (CD, Maxi),1997,Germany | 0098735ULT

Aaron CarterCrush On You (CD, Maxi),1997,UK & Europe | 0099235ULT

Just FriendsWhat Is Love (CD, Maxi),1997,Germany | 0099375ULT

Aaron CarterAaron Carter (CD, Album),1997,UK & Europe | 0099572ULT

Aaron CarterI'm Gonna Miss You Forever (CD, Single),1998,UK | 0099735 ULT

Aaron CarterSurfin' USA (CD, Single),1998,UK & Europe | 00998805ULT

Andreas ElsholzGib Mir Noch Zeit (CD, Maxi),1993,Germany | ULT 9590-5

Just FriendsAnytime Anyplace (CD, Single),1996,UK & Europe | edel 0097745 ULT

Aaron CarterCrazy Little Party Girl (CD, Single),1997,UK & Europe | edel 0099645ULT

Number of releases: 18