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Label: Edel Records

Just FriendsRunnin' Around (CD, Maxi),1998,Germany | 0037915ERE

Just FriendsDon't Forget The Sunshine (CD, Maxi),1998,Germany | 0038825ERE

Jennifer PaigeCrush (CD, Single),1998,Europe | 0039425ERE

Jennifer PaigeCrush (CD, Single),1998,UK | 0039425ERE

Just FriendsTake My Heart (CD, Maxi),1998,Germany | 0039785ERE

SCYCSGrounded (CD, Single),1999,Germany | 0044235EREP

Just FriendsTo The Beach (CD, Maxi),1999,Germany | 0044435 ERE

SCYCSUnderwaterlovesong (CD, Single),1999,Germany | 0047445EREP

Ö La Palöma BoysOnce You Drink Tequila (CD, Maxi),1999,Germany | 0058295ERE

AtemlosNichts Mehr Von Dir (CD, Maxi),2000,Germany | 0070125ERE

Magic VoicesHere We Go Again (CD, Single),2000,Germany | 0070395ERE

Sabrina ThomsonGood Times (CD, Maxi),2000,Germany | 0070765ERE

Die Verlorenen SöhneDer Held (CD, Single),1997,Germany | 0089935CTRP

Tolu (2)Unless You're Serious (CD, Single),2000,Germany | 0113215ERE

AtemlosOhne Dich (CD, Maxi),2000,Germany | 0115445ERE

Orange Blue (2)When Julie Says (CD, Maxi),2000,Germany | 0118815ERE

Naked 'Round The BlockAround The World (La La La La La) (CD, Maxi),2000,Germany | 0120515 ERE

Brian HarveyStraight Up No Bends (CD, Single),2001,Europe | 0126605ERE

Brian HarveyStraight Up No Bends (CD, Single),2001,Europe | 0126605ERE

Multicyde feat. AnéaNot For The Dough (CD, Maxi),2001,Germany | 0127495ERE

CutiesI Know What's Wrong (CD, Single),2001,Germany | 0128725EREP

Alexander LienLivin' Easy (CD, Single),2001,Germany | 0130025EREP

Peel (2)Natalie Somewhere (CD, Single),2001,Norway | 0130875 ERE

Multicyde feat. AnéaThe Claptrap (CD, Maxi),2001,Germany | 0131255ERE

Gina (25)Verliebt Sein (CD, Maxi),2001,Germany | 0131515ERE

Cantorians featuring Chiara* – Freaks (CD, Maxi),2002,Germany | 0138465ERE

Cassius HenryBroke (CD, Maxi),2002,Germany | 0138845ERE

Ray DarwinDon't Let Me Be Misunderstood (CD, Single),2002,Germany | 0139235ERE

She'LoeHead Over Heels (CD, Single),2002,Germany | 0141455ERE

Der Junge Mit Der GitarreDie Seite Wo Die Sonne Scheint (CD, Single),2003,Germany | 0146015EREP

UB40TwentyFourSeven (CD, Album),2008,Germany | 0191632ERE

VariousInstore Sounds - Release 02 In 2000 (CD, Comp),2000,Germany | none

Number of releases: 32