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Number of labels: 1913
Number of releases in this index: 11632
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Number of series: 252
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Update History:
14-jul-2019 11:21 GMT: updated.

Feature Updates:
31-may-2019: Feature update - website now has a fav icon. you'll see this displayed on the web browser tab when the website is open.
19-may-2019: Feature update - introduced coloured page heading banners.
10-may-2019: Feature update - added pages (1) Index by type: Vinyl (2) Index by type: Cassette (3) Index by type: Music Video. These media types account for a very small number of releases on the website so they will be easier to find using these pages. Only releases that are in stock and for sale are shown.
30-mar-2019: Feature update - videos can now be shown on release pages. for examples see (1) Naughty Boy starring Sam Smith – La La La (2) Sam Smith – In The Lonely Hour.

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Some recent releases added:
1-jun-2019: added some James Last CDs.
31-may-2019: added some Bing Crosby CDs.
25-may-2019: added some Neil Sedaka CDs.

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